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Our focus is on highly personalized financial planning and investment management tailored to help you achieve your ideal future. From tax strategies to legacy planning, we provide the guidance and service you need to effectively navigate life's transitions and pursue your financial goals.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Our relationship with each client starts with comprehensive financial planning. Financial planning provides the foundation to navigate life's transitions and pursue your ideal future. We take a goals-based approach and consider the big picture, not just portfolio returns. Our key planning services include:

  • Tax optimization strategies to maximize efficiency
  • Socially responsible investing based on your values
  • Multi-generational planning to secure your family's future
  • Retirement planning to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle
  • Estate strategies for seamless wealth transfer
Investment Management

Investment Management

Our investment management utilizes actively managed portfolios tailored to each client's financial plan. We combine thorough research with personalized strategies to manage risk and returns through changing markets. Portfolios are diversified across asset classes to align with your specific timeline and risk tolerance.

3rd-Party Management

3rd-Party Management

We provide access to a wide range of investment managers, often reserved for large institutions. This allows us to craft a more personalized portfolio and optimize tax efficiency. By delegating the day-to-day investment tasks to 3rd-party money managers we’re able to optimize the ongoing support for our clients by delivering a comprehensive suite of services, including financial planning, asset allocation, systematic rebalancing, investment selection, and tax management.

Our approach involves tailoring these services to align with the unique requirements of each client, ensuring effective handling of crucial aspects of their lives. By capitalizing on our services, we are able to focus on our core competencies, allowing our clients to harness the benefits of our specialized knowledge and resources. This results in a more personalized and tailored experience, enhancing the overall satisfaction of our clients.

Estate Planning

At Financial Sense Wealth Management, we understand creating a legacy for future generations is one of the most important things you can do. Our knowledgeable and caring Certified Financial Planners will work with you to ensure your estate is protected for years to come. We want to see that you can efficiently pass on your assets to the people and organizations you care for instead of paying unnecessary taxes.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning goes beyond investment returns to help you make the most of your new lifestyle. We provide guidance on:

  • Developing income strategies for retirement
  • Coordinating retirement plan withdrawals
  • Managing healthcare and insurance needs
  • Estate strategies for late-stage wealth transfer
  • Pursuing second-act dreams and goals

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Retirement strategies can be complex. Our financial professionals are here to guide you through the process, providing you with the information you need to help make informed decisions about your future.

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